Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maytag dryers Belt and idler revamps

It has been a busy day yall. This mornin me and granny made some fudge and this afternoon me and Larry go busy fixin a couple of old maytag dryers. The gas dryer had a idler pulley gone wild, the second had a broken belt due to a locked drum wheel yall. I made some videos:

This next vid is I feature the gas dryer. The metal insert from the pulley had worked itself out of the wheel. The hammer was used to reinsert it, a procedure i failed to splain in the last video. On this one I show a little more intelligence (not much tho) LOL:

Note: Here is a stray vid I could not get youtube to load

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hotpoint Ice Box

Today I finished a repair on a Hotpoint frig model number HTS18BCMARWW.
The complaint was an smell of electrical fire in the freezer. I took a few pics:

She runs good without fan just for fun I let it run to check it out.

Coils underneath are clean, with the new fan motor installed this dude is up and running. Was going to do a nighttime photo of the defrost heater in action but the cheapass camera kept saying it was too dark. So much for my spectacular final photo so I had to settle fer this one. Ho Ho Ho!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dryer Timer 101

Been pretty busy today. Larry came and got the Kenmore dryer. He dropped off another Whirlpool dryer. One in which he could not get to heat. He replaced the limits and the heater was fine. So he brung it to me. Here is what I found:

If you know all of the components are good and you still have no heat AND you have verified 240 to the machine you want to check the timer. To do so you remove the fat red wire from the heating element and you place a lead of your meter there. Then you check for continuity between that point and all other terminals. Turning the knob 360 degrees for each check. If you get no readings then you can be certain the contact inside the timer is fried.

Kenmore 4-wheel drive dryer de-mystified!

Today I worked on a 4 wheel drive Kenmore dryer that I promise you would scare the hell out of anybody.

I took some pix:

Warning the next pix are not for the faint of heart:

These peeps had never had anything done to this one since new.

I yanked out the element and made sure no lint got on it when doing the cleaning. A loose lint ball will catch fire and trip them limits. Trust me.

Don't ferget yer door springs. Theirs will close better now because one of them springs was layin on the floor.

These dang new fangled 4 prong cords Sheesh. Not to worry I made me an adapter!

Dryer pig tail and a 4 prong receptacle babes

That ain't scary!

This is: