Monday, October 31, 2011

Kenmore 4-wheel drive dryer de-mystified!

Today I worked on a 4 wheel drive Kenmore dryer that I promise you would scare the hell out of anybody.

I took some pix:

Warning the next pix are not for the faint of heart:

These peeps had never had anything done to this one since new.

I yanked out the element and made sure no lint got on it when doing the cleaning. A loose lint ball will catch fire and trip them limits. Trust me.

Don't ferget yer door springs. Theirs will close better now because one of them springs was layin on the floor.

These dang new fangled 4 prong cords Sheesh. Not to worry I made me an adapter!

Dryer pig tail and a 4 prong receptacle babes

That ain't scary!

This is:


  1. Note: On newer model 4 wheel drives the screws that release the top are UNDER the shoulders in the same location. Place your index finger on top of shoulder and pull forward to release the plastic shoulder, then the dryer breaks down as pictured, just like this un.

  2. What I mean to say is the screws that release the control panel so yall can flip it up are hidden beneath them shoulders.

  3. I worked on a newer model this week that featured screws on the backside of the dryer that need to be removed then flip up the dryer. Also the very latest models have springclips that release the top. They all basically have to be torn down by fliping up the controls removing the top then the front.

  4. (springclips that release the controls)
    Dang it I thought about getting some pics but failed to do so.