Saturday, August 27, 2011

Freezer recharge

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Using my swedge tool I opened this access valve up a hair.
This is the result:

It has been about2 maybe 3 hours I went and looked inside, shes chilling down nicely!
Captain's Log Supplemental: Just went out there at dark and the red light is out. Let's Party!
I placed some containers of water in there sunday. This morning I have ice!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Testing the old school GE washer motor

Testing the old style GE motor is pretty straight up. Diagonal corners of the quick connect are differing windings. Power em both up at the same time then removing the power from one cord stops the thang from melt down after your test.

Note: power up both windings for a sec and see if she runs. Next Kill power and do test 2. Wait till she stops and flip you cord then jam em both in fer a sec to power it up and yank out one of them test cords to see if she run. Once yall see it's gonna work, unplug it quick to prevent harming the motor. The timer and a relay mounted on the backside do the motor starting and polarity reversing.

G E washer belt adjustment 101

Slakken? Really? What I did here was loosen up the bolts and slide the motor over,then I removed the belt. Why? Here is the secret babe. A slick worn out belt like that ought to be replaced but heck this one looked good (just loose) and I knew the secret to getting another bit of work out that old belt. With the belt off slide the motor over as far as the adjustment goes and tighten her down.
Place the belt on the motor pulley then ease that belt around the tranny pulley till the belt pops back in place. That dude even though worn will be tight as yall can get it and it will do some more loads without leaving yer clothes soggy.