Saturday, August 27, 2011

Freezer recharge

Click on pictures to enlarge.
Using my swedge tool I opened this access valve up a hair.
This is the result:

It has been about2 maybe 3 hours I went and looked inside, shes chilling down nicely!
Captain's Log Supplemental: Just went out there at dark and the red light is out. Let's Party!
I placed some containers of water in there sunday. This morning I have ice!


  1. After the access valve is welded you let it totally cool down and then you add the schrader valve. I then connected the blue hose to that access valve, the red hose to the vacuum pump, and the yellow hose to some R134a. The whole idea is to remove air from the system and to keep it out while recharging. Any air gets in the system and you get ice. Ice blocks the flow of freon.

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