Monday, September 26, 2011

Old Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement

Oh yeah I been busy today. Took Momma to Wally world and put a belt on an old dryer and fixed a washer too.

To start you remove the 2 base screws and pull the front towards you at the bottom and then disconnect the lid switch.

Take the shroud off there and remove the drum then get the rear access panel off.

Well now looky here, pieces of belt all over the place. LOL

Slip the new belt over the drum after ya clean up the dryer real good and oil the rollers and idler. Take a look at them drum glides on the shroud and make sure they is kosher. Belt goes back slick side to the tub like this:

Give her a few turns manually to make sure it ain't twisted. If it is twisted it will be destroyed on the first load.

Be sure to clean out the filter housing;

I also checked the blower and made sure it was nice and tight.
I washed a load on my clothes in the washer and am drying them now in that dryer.
After all it is Monday wash day. Hmm maybe I oughta whip up a pot of red beans and rice fer supper. LOL

Kenmore Late model direct drive washer

This Kenmore washer would not spin. It pumped out so naturally you would think the coupler was broken, it wasn't. I went ahead and removed the agitator and dropped the tranny out of the machine. The clutch lining was hanging halfway out of the clutch. I installed another clutch liner and put er all back together. She works beautimous Yall!

She's ready fer another 100,000 miles yall. LOL

Friday, September 23, 2011

The simplest washer ever

This Galaxy washer is one of the simplest yet best built washer you could ever get. No frills even my braindead brother in law could operate this washer. I found nothing wrong other than the lid switch was broken. I rarely ever see one of these broke down. This washer even has a neutral drain kit in it, making it one of the best washers Whirlpool ever came out with. Anyone in the market for a washer that is rugged, easy to repair, and damn near indestructible would do well to find one of these puppys.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Old school GE Tranny repair

After removing the trans from the machine I placed it on my work table. I removed the pulley and base plate being careful not to disturb the large "O" ring which is mounted on the inside of the base plate. If it pops out it is a bitch to replace.
I knocked out the old seal (WH8X281)and cleaned the lip up real good. I applied a thin amount of oil to the seal and gently tapped it into place. If you want you can use a small wood block to prevent damage to the new seal. I added oil to the case half way up. I was also careful to not over tighten them screws. They will strip easy and it will leak so snug it up.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Late model Hotpoint dryer

I decided to post this repair because the front glides are different and the front panel is different than earlier models. You pop the top on this puppy, remove 2 screws, and lift the front off. On this style dryer the 3 plastic glides like those found on earlier models are not present. Instead the plastic is mounted on the inside of the drum in a big ring. Over time that thick felt wears down and starts metal to metal squealing and scrubbing. The idler is a late model Frigidaire style. And the rear mount is also that of a late model Frigidaire.