Monday, September 26, 2011

Old Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement

Oh yeah I been busy today. Took Momma to Wally world and put a belt on an old dryer and fixed a washer too.

To start you remove the 2 base screws and pull the front towards you at the bottom and then disconnect the lid switch.

Take the shroud off there and remove the drum then get the rear access panel off.

Well now looky here, pieces of belt all over the place. LOL

Slip the new belt over the drum after ya clean up the dryer real good and oil the rollers and idler. Take a look at them drum glides on the shroud and make sure they is kosher. Belt goes back slick side to the tub like this:

Give her a few turns manually to make sure it ain't twisted. If it is twisted it will be destroyed on the first load.

Be sure to clean out the filter housing;

I also checked the blower and made sure it was nice and tight.
I washed a load on my clothes in the washer and am drying them now in that dryer.
After all it is Monday wash day. Hmm maybe I oughta whip up a pot of red beans and rice fer supper. LOL

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  1. Hi there, Isee this post is pretty old but i have the sam dryer with a broken belt. I was wondering if you would know what kind of belt to buy. I cant seem to find a model number on the dryer to look for a specific belt. Thanks!