Friday, March 30, 2012

Magic Chef Ice box revamp

I was working on a ice box and made a few videos. Took a few photos. The ice box would not run at all. This was one Larry picked up from Salvation army. I did few checks and found a burned up harness connection block.Once I was able to repair that she came to life. I let her run all night and the next day I had 35 degrees in the freezer. So I tapped the ice box and applied a small amount of gas very slowly till it had 5PSI on the low side. I let it run some more and the following day it was in great shape. Normal temp bottom and topside. I added water to the ice maker and it tossed out a batch. Here are some repair pix and videos (Raw footage). Keep tender ears away this is repair folk lingo Yall. LOL:
- JDizzle
This video shows me wiring the ice box while checking out a washer:
I added a cup of water to the ice maker and we have ice Yall. Where's the beer we has ice! Later Gator

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